Rebecca Ward is a talented and experienced Los Angeles based concert violinist who is available for lessons and performances of all kinds. A career of rigorous training - including work at the Paris Conservatory, a wide breadth of experience as a soloist as well as a symphonic and chamber player, and a Master of Music degree at the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music - has given her the advanced technical proficiency, interpretive artistry, and musicological scholarship necessary to provide students a complete education in their instrument.

“As a teacher, it is my ultimate goal to help my students consider every aspect of the music they are playing,” she explains.  “A good musician must intuitively synthesize disciplined technique with aesthetic sensitivity and contextual knowledge; it is the pursuit of this balance, in the nurturing warmth of my studio, that my students find rewarding - as well as resonant with their other endeavors.”

With twelve years of experience as a teacher, Rebecca’s pedagogical range extends from having an absolute beginner comfortably playing the instrument by the end of the first lesson, to helping advanced performers prepare concerti and other sophisticated works.